Methodological aspects for future in the TJR research

Cuthbert et al. published a study in CORR titled “What Is the Effect of Using a competing-risks Estimator when Predicting Survivorship After Joint Arthroplasty: A Comparison of Approaches to Survivorship Estimation in a Large Registry“. They recommend using competing risk approach when assessing long-term survival of total joint replacements. This is of course an important […]

It´s all about explained variation in the periprosthetic joint infections

I showed this slide in my clinic meeting presentation which was about periprosthetic joint infections. Infection rates were very high in the early years of modern total joint replacement surgery in 1960s. Today, the risk of deep infection after a total hip or knee replacement surgery is something close to 1%. This major improvement is […]

Implications of binomial distribution in the daily orthopaedic practice

Deep infection is a devastating complication in the orthopaedic surgery. It usually requires a revision surgery and a risk for further complications increases greatly. Functional outcome is usually much worse after deep infection compared to uneventful primary surgery especially if removal of implants is required to eridicate the infection. Deep infection are often systematically recorded […]

Benefits of hip resurfacing

I outlined some recent perspectives about hip resurfacing in a post almost two years ago. These perspectives are still well supported as the findings by McLawhorn et al. show. They performed a propensity-score matched analysis between THA and hip resurfacing in “appropriate” patients. They conclude: HRA may provide a functional benefit in sports and recreation […]

Answers are only needed when there are questions to be answered

St Mart et al. conclude in their review: Given the already high satisfaction rate of manual THA, further high-quality comparative studies are required utilizing outcome scores that are not limited by high ceiling effects to assess whether robotic systems justify their additional expense The first part is very often ignored when robotics and other new […]

Cup coverage and dislocation risk in THA

This is one of our recent work from Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement. This relates to post-marketing surveillance which is always very important topic. In short, main primary THR system changed and anecdotal evidence started to accumulate that maybe dislocations had become more common with the new cup system. We decided to take a deeper […]

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