Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound or LIPUS to improve injury healing?

LIPUS has been proposed to improve fracture healing but no evidence supports this proposal. Omer Ilahi writes in a recent editorial in the Arthroscopy:

Still, the positive findings of animal investigations with LIPUS in the acute setting are intriguing. I therefore find myself in agreement with Lai et al. in that large, randomized, placebo-controlled human trials should be encouraged. Those may yet show benefit of these treatments, especially following acute injury or surgery. Based upon animal data, perhaps twice daily LIPUS begun a week or so after injury/surgery (i.e., after the initial inflammatory phase) may be an ideal starting point for such human trials.7 It would indeed be welcome to find a noninvasive modality that accelerates/improves healing in patients following soft tissue injury or surgery.


Sure, why not! Placebo-controlled RCTs are always welcomed. My only question is that why there is not a single RCT published investigating the effect of LIPUS in the tendon injury healing while this modality has been available several decades? Any chance that trials have been run but all of them have ended with zero findings?

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