Declining incidence of MoM revision surgeries

Our recent study investigating annual trends of revision surgeries in patients with MoM hip replacements was recently published in the Journal of Arthroplasty (www). Here is the GrAbstract of the study:

GrAbstract of

This study is of great importance because it is the largest non-registry based study investigating what sort of trends the number of revision surgeries have. ARMD and “MoM disease” won’t be endemic forever. At some point of regular follow-up, as done in our institution, the number of revision surgeries will eventually decrease. At that point it is reasonable to ease the follow-up process because only sporadic cases of ARMD will be seen and revision rate will plateau.

What is the time line for that? I hope our study shed light to that matter. We are conducting further studies to assess most recent clinical outcomes in the non-revised patients to see how certain we can be that most of the “MoM disease” has been delt with.

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