Metal-on-metal hips on the Gartner Hype Cycle

This post describes an adaptation of Gartner Hype Cycle on metal-on-metal hip replacements. It is very unlikely that MoM hip replacements will achieve the “Plateau of Productivity“. Therefore two other later stages are proposed with annotations.

Technology TriggerA potential technology breakthrough kicks things off
- "Polyethylene disease" [1]
- Modern Co-Cr-Mo wrought alloy developed
- Extremely low wear in contemporary MoM bearing in hip simulator studies [2]
- First 28-mm MoM THRs [3]
- Understanding failure modes in first-generation MoM hip implants [4]
Early proof-of-concept stories
- Proof of concept: McMinn prosthesis [5]
- Proof of concept: Conserve Plus prosthesis [6]
Commercial viability is unproven
- Excellent results of surgeon-inventors [eg. 1]
Peak of Inflated ExpectationsEarly publicity produces a number of success stories
- Anti-stepwise introduction of other implants [7]
- Non-inventor results: ”justification for using [hip resurfacing]” [8]
- Non-inventor results: ”a promising alternative” [9]
- Encouraging mid-term results [eg. 10]
Some companies take action; most don't.
- Completely new MoM prostheses cleared without clinical tests [11,12]
Trough of DisillusionmentInterest wanes as experiments and implementations fail to deliver
- Poor registry data for some implants [13]
- Evidence of pseudotumours [14]
- Reports of pain and metallosis [15]
Producers of the technology shake out or fail.
- ASR recall [16]
- DUROM recall [17]
Slope of EnlightenmentMore instances of how the technology can benefit the enterprise start to crystallize and become more widely understood.
- Excellent registry data at 15 years in some implants [18]
Plateau of Productivity
Extremely unlikely scenario
Alternative stage: Falling to marginProposed annotations
- Redefining the “young and active patient”
- Understanding the mechanisms of ARMD
Alternative stage: Gradual abandonment
Proposed annotations
- Proposed advantages of hip resurfacings does not pay off


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