Increasing incidence of quadriceps tendon rupture

Our study about increasing incidence of surgically treated quadriceps tendon ruptures was just published in the Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy.

At this moment it is in Open Access format so full-text is freely available.

Below is the grabstract, ie. graphical abstract, of our study.

Grabstract of

In our study we write “There is no evidence of the optimal postoperative treatment regime either.” I was just recently contacted and informed about this study:

Postoperative functional rehabilitation after repair of quadriceps tendon ruptures: a comparison of two different protocols (

Unfortunately this study did not come up while we were working on our study. Study by Langenhan et al. is a nice study comparing two different postoperative rehabilitation regimes after surgically treated QTR. Their study would have deserved a citation in our study. They could not establish either of two regime superior over another. Clinically meaningful differences might exist, but this study could not detect any. Return to work was very important outcome to assess since QTR is very often seen in working age people. Hence any factors having effect on sick-leave would have important societal impacts. We urgently need more studies about QTRs.

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